Dorothea creates music for bands and films/videos.

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Live Show in NYC

Happy New Year! Dorothea will do an "unplugged" set at an intimate living room show on January 18th, in New York City, together with guitarist Chris Conti- if interested, there's only 30 tickets, so get yours now  here (no ticket, no entry) 

RECENTLY RELEASED: "Once I was" - collaboration with Xeresa

"Goodbye Again" by My Favourite Things

This video marks the 3rd video in the trilogy of Gi Yong Rhee, of which the other 2 are "A Little Closer" and "I don't know" - all are  from the third album „Fly I will, because I can“ 

Directed, shot and edited by Gi Yong Rhee, Animation by Uma Sharma 

A Little Closer

My Favourite Things - Fly I will, because I can

This is the latest album from My Favourite Things