"Goodbye Again" by My Favourite Things

This video marks the 3rd video in the trilogy of Gi Yong Rhee, of which the other 2 are "A Little Closer" and "I don't know"  "Goodbye Again" from the third album „Fly I will, because I can“ @2017 copyright  https://myfavouritethings.bandcamp.co...  or https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/fly.Directed, shot and edited by Gi Yong Rhee Animation by Uma Sharma Music and Lyrics by Dorothea Tachler Band mates/Actors Dorothea Tachler, Michael Figgiani, Yoshio Kobayashi, Yusuke Yamamoto 


hunkidori live

hunkidori live Aug 27, 7:30pm

A night of music with 

hunkidori ft. Dorothea Tachler, 

Nikki D'Agostino

Anonymous Elder ft. Chuck Palmer

at Troost, 1011 Manhattan Ave in Brooklyn

JUST RELEASED: "Once I was" - collaboration with Xeresa

A Little Closer

My Favourite Things - Fly I will, because I can

This is the latest album from My Favourite Things


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