hunkidori live

hunkidori live Oct 26, 7:30pm

A night of music with 

hunkidori ft. Dorothea Tachler, 

Jarvis Earnshaw,  and Anonymous Elder ft Chuck Palmer

at Troost, 1011 Manhattan Ave in Brooklyn

"Goodbye Again" by My Favourite Things

This video marks the 3rd video in the trilogy of Gi Yong Rhee, of which the other 2 are "A Little Closer" and "I don't know"  "Goodbye Again" from the third album „Fly I will, because I can“ @2017 copyright  or, shot and edited by Gi Yong Rhee Animation by Uma Sharma Music and Lyrics by Dorothea Tachler Band mates/Actors Dorothea Tachler, Michael Figgiani, Yoshio Kobayashi, Yusuke Yamamoto 

JUST RELEASED: "Once I was" - collaboration with Xeresa

A Little Closer

My Favourite Things - Fly I will, because I can

This is the latest album from My Favourite Things